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Reports & Data



The Student Accounting Office produces a number
of standard district-wide and school level reports.

Below are listed the types of reports that are available.

In order to access and view actual data, please feel  free
to also select the following reporting areas listed below: 

District Parent & Student Information
Student Accounting provides services and
data to families and students which covers
areas such as the processing of open
enrollment, handling of historic transcripts
and information on the Parent Portal. 
District Period Enrollment Reports
This series of reports show a snapshop of the
distric-wide enrollment data that is taken on the
first valid school day of the indicated month.
Student Racial / Ethnic Demographics Reports
This report is produced in the Fall of each academic
school year and  represents the official district-wide 
demographics of the student racial / ethnic count.
District Free and Reduced Lunch Program Reports
This report is produced in the Fall of each academic school
year and it serves as a poverty-indicator by highlighting the
district-wide count of students who qualify as eligible for
free and reduced lunch meals and is based on both the
school sites attended and also on aggregate district data.
Where Students Live Reports
This report is produced in the Fall of each academic school year
and is an Enrollment-based report that provides data on the city
of Minneapolis residential areas being represented by the total
number of students that are currently attending MPS; by the
attendance-area in which they live; and also by the school sites 
and programs in which these students are currently enrolled.
MPS Stability Guide
This report gives statistics on how many students are
Enrolled for a complete school year and how many
new students enroll during the school year.

MPS Street and Avenue Guide
The purpose of this report is to serve as a look-up Guide for School
Site Attendance areas -- as determined by a Minneapolis address.
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